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Iznad Nyquistove granice

Beyond the Nyquist limit

Opis projekta

Modern information and communication technologies face various challenges. We identified two of them as important: huge amount of data delivered from the real world via sensing devices, and computing power required for its processing. Both challenges are targeted in our project proposal, as well as some advanced applications of the proposed solutions. For decades, Nyquist limit sets the achievable work range of digital electronic systems operating in an analogue world. Using our previous research and expertise in causal splines, adaptive wavelets, sparse representations, and advanced system design, we will develop an original system that works beyond the Nyquist limit. Sub-Nyquist sampling in a union of analogue subspaces and compressive sensing are research topics used to achieve this goal. Both approaches result in applications that go beyond the known limits: they result in novel imaging techniques, advanced radar and sonar devices, wide-band software defined radios, as well as in advanced speech and audio processing systems. They rely on sparse representation of signals, sophisticated reconstruction and signal processing algorithms, as well as on intelligent hardware implementations that mix analogue and digital subsystems. The researchers gathered in this project team have research experience in causal splines, adaptive wavelets and sparse signal modeling, as well as in design of advanced analogue and digital systems. They have developed various applications in image, audio and speech signal processing. We will develop an original beyond Nyquist system based on our causal splines. We will use our adaptive systems and fast L1 minimization algorithms to achieve sparse representations needed in compressive sensing. The results will be used in design of novel sub-Nyquist systems, whose realization will rely on our advanced system design. We will develop its applications in 3D, image, audio and speech signal processing.

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