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Kohortna studija rođenih na istočnojadranskim otocima

CRoatian Islands' Birth cohort Study

Opis projekta

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is the leading cause of high morbidity and mortality, with enormous impact on population health and medical costs. Its prevalence is more than 30% in the general Croatian population, with especially high rate on Croatian islands, up to 58%. Specific features of the Eastern Adriatic Islands (EAI) (genetic isolates with high level of inbreeding, mixing traditional and transitional lifestyle and continuous depopulation processes) represent a basis for development of specific MetS risk factor patterns. This project is a pilot study with the aims to: assess the prevalence of known risk factors (biological, environmental and behavioral) for the MetS in EAI and nearby mainland area of the targeted Croatian populations and to use this information as a base to develop an intervention strategy. Population-based pregnancy and birth cohort studies are particularly salient for studying early origins of health and disease that begin in fetal life and infancy. A longitudinal approach will be used on a representative sample of 713 participants in each group: pregnant women and children in the targeted populations of the islands (Hvar, Brač and Vis) and nearby mainland area of of the Split-Dalmatia County. The outcome of the project is revealing sets of relevant risk factors for the development of MetS in the studied Croatian populations. The long-term outcome is progressive development of a base for an effective intervention strategy, directed at relevant risk factors for MetS. The importance of this pilot study is developing foundations for a better focused population adjusted model of early intervention in the future. It will include a large number of relevant risk factors for MetS, which will contribute to beneficial public health outcomes. Knowledge and experiences, acquired in this research will contribute to the creation of programs for health promotion, taking into account local socio-cultural and environmental characteristics.

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