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Novi enološki postupci kao alternativa sumporovom dioksidu u proizvodnji visokokvalitetnih vina

New enological tools for the reduction of sulfur dioxide and production of high-quality wine

Modern increasing requirements for wine safety and quality led to very restrictive legislation regarding sulfur dioxide addition recommending limitations or even complete suppressing. In fact, sulfur dioxide is one of the most efficient additives used in winemaking due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. However, as a result of potential pseudo-allergenic health problems in sensitive individuals use of sulfur dioxide has recently come under the review. Hence, in recent decades, alternatives to reducing/replacing sulfites in winemaking have been extensively studied. However, finding promising substitutes with similar antiseptic and antioxidant characteristics still remains major challenge. Recently, emerging technologies such as high power ultrasound (HPU), high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and non-thermal plasma (NTP) have entered the field of food science and technology offering, as novel tools, new opportunities for managing food microbiology. Their opportunities in wine microbiology have not been examined. The aim of this project is to study the potential usage of HPU, HHP and NTP in production of high quality red, white and dessert wine as sulfur dioxide reducing strategies, and furthermore to optimize their application. Impact on overall wine quality, particularly chemical and sensory characteristic will be studied. Possibilities of these new technologies in controlling microbiological stability of wine will be investigated. In addition, synergistic practices of these physical technologies with antioxidants (lower content of sulfur dioxide and glutathione) during long period of aging in the bottles will be studied. The results of this project are expected to provide information how application of new physical technologies on its own or in combination with antioxidant addition can lead to wines with lower levels of sulfur dioxide and improved quality.

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