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Energetski učinkovit asinkroni bežični prijenos

Energy efficient asynchronous wireless transmission

To achieve high circuit power and size efficiency in wireless transmission circuits, recent contributions propose asynchronous design and spread spectrum communications. A great challenge in asynchronous wireless transmission is to accomplish signal detection at the receiver side and to establish multiuser transmission. The proposal of research activities in this project will be the design of low power asynchronous circuits for wireless transmission of analog input signals applicable as sensor nodes in short distance wireless sensor networks. The proposed system can be divided into two major subsystems consisting of the analog-to-digital (A/D) converter and the modulator for wireless transmission. Hence, the project activities can be divided into two major phases. The first phase will include asynchronous ADC design, where novel circuit architectures will be investigated, while the second phase will include activities on the modulator design incorporating ultra-wideband (UWB) pulse generators. The asynchronous sigma-delta modulator and various level crossing schemes will be investigated for A/D conversion, while UWB modulation techniques will be considered for the digitized signal modulation. Due to narrow pulse width and duty-cycled operation, UWB modulation techniques are a reasonable choice for the energy efficient wireless transmission. Evaluation of existing and development of new spread spectrum modulation techniques will be carried out to improve energy efficiency. To satisfy the major size and power consumption requirements, the transmission circuitry will be designed in CMOS process.

bežični prijenos, asinkrona analogno-digitalna pretvorba, ultra-širokopojasni modulacijski postupci, bežične senzorske mreže, internet objekata

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