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Uspostava dugoročnog znanstvenog monitoringa prirodnih šumskih ekosustava u Hrvatskoj

Establishing Long-Term Scientific Monitoring of Natural Forest Ecosystems in Croatia

Opis projekta

Croatia, in comparison with most Central European countries, has a valuable forest areas with characteristics of a old-growth forest. The idea of systematic multidisciplinary, environmental monitoring in Croatia appeared in 1965. Based on these ideas, and driven by the growing interest in monitoring changes and dynamics of natural ecosystems, in early 80s the long-term, permanent monitoring plots were established according to the principles of the UNESCO MAB program. Unfortunately, after the initial establishment, these plots were not systematically monitored. Inspired by the need for better understanding of the natural dynamics of forest ecosystems and the long-term monitoring we propose this project with the aim of establishing a long-term scientific monitoring. It includes revitalization of existing and establishment of new monitoring plots which will, in the end, represent a network of field laboratories where current and future researchers would build their research capacities. The project aims to consolidate knowledge and establish a long-term interdisciplinary research with one common goal – understanding and monitoring the dynamics of forest ecosystems. The project is designed on two levels of intensity: 1) extensive monitoring-EM (I) and 2) intensive monitoring-IM (II). EM would result in the 50-60 plots across the Croatia while five of the most representative old-growth forest sites will be the object of IM. IM should serve as a representative object of research for all plots of an EM, while EM enables the estimation of the extent to which the results of the IM case study can be generalized for the habitat type, the geological substrate, vegetation characteristics and the like. This by using relatively quick and inexpensive survey indicators, which show the status of ecosystem.

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