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Uporaba metoda i otvorenih tehnologija dubinske analize podataka za unaprijeđenje infrastrukture elektroničkog učenja

Leveraging data mining methods and open technologies for enhancement of the e-learning infrastructure

Information systems in schools and universities generate large amounts of data. This data, after its initial usage, is most commonly archived and used only in aggregate forms for condensed reports. We propose a pilot project called eduMINE, in which we will apply data mining methods and algorithms on this data to discover potentially interesting patterns and other information hidden within, following recent reasearch accomplishments from the field of EDM (Educational Data Mining). Test scores, customized concept maps and other available data will serve as input for the data mining process. Results of these methods will then be integrated with the existing e-learning support information system with the intention to provide a useful feedback to the lecturers, both regarding the course lectures generation and adaptation as well as generation of well balanced and objective tests. Results should also aim to help with early identification of students who are in danger of failing a course. It is important to emphasize that all team members of this research proposal have extensive experience in methods of data analysis and have developed and published research papers describing new algorithms and measures used for certain data mining approaches. Furthermore, the team has plenty of direct experience in education, most of it concerning large first and second-year college-level courses taken by over 600 students yearly. We are confident that given enough time and resources we can offer solutions which would result in further enhance the quality of education and be applicable not just in the specific domain we are directly involved in, but in any similar education environment.

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