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Zelena otapala za zelene tehnologije

Green Solvents for Green Technologies

Global economic crisis, soaring commodity prices and growing awareness of humanity's impact on the environment have pushed the “green economy” concept into mainstream policy debate in recent years. Accordingly, as a promising alternative to traditional organic solvents from both the environmental and technological perspectives, neoteric solvents (neoteric = new, recent, modern), ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DESs), have been dramatically expanding in popularity as a new generation of designer solvents with possible applications in various industrial fields. The aim of proposed Project is to gain an in-depth understanding of the natural ILs and DESs with fine-tuned properties, as well as to implement these solvents into food technology, biotechnology and chemical technology. Within the Project ILs and DESs, based on renewable sources such as cholinium salts, sugars, organic acids and amino acids, will be prepared and characterized, followed by examination of their applicability as solvents for extraction of phenolic compounds from wine and oil by-product, in biocatalytic reactions and in fuel purification process. To our knowledge, in the Republic of Croatia we are the only research group involved in multidisciplinary and systematic approach in the investigation of ILs and DESs. Thus, proposed Project would enable our further research in the field of preparation, characterization and application of these new green solvents, which is of great importance for Croatian academic community in order to successfully follow the EU directives. Additionally, knowledge gained through proposed Project will profile us as the leading group in the field of natural ILs and DESs research, both in the Republic of Croatia and EU, for fostering knowledge transfer to academia and potential industry partners.

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