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Ekonomske teškoće obitelji, psihosocijalni problemi i obrazovni ishodi adolescenata u vrijeme ekonomske krize

Family economic hardship, psychosocial problems and educational outcomes of adolescents in the time of economic crisis

Opis projekta

Aim of the project is to advance the understanding of effects of family economic hardship on adolescents’ psychosocial and educational problems at a time of a nationwide economic crisis. A new integrative model of impact of family economic hardship (IMFEH) will be tested in a longitudinal quantitative and qualitative research design. The objectives are: (1) To assess the overall and individual contribution of predictors in IMFEH on adolescents' psychosocial development, where internalized problems, externalized problems, other risk behaviours (alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, risk sexual behaviours) and educational outcomes, including dropp-out, will serve as criterion variables, (2) To compare the efficiency of two models – initial family stress model (FSM) and new IMFEH – in predicting psychosocial and educational problems in the development of male and female adolescents, (3) To identify potential risk and protective factors that moderate the relationship between family economic hardship and adolescents' psychosocial problems and educational outcomes, (4) To investigate the changes in psychosocial risks and school achievement problems during adolescence, and (5) To explore patterns of early leaving secondary education and gain deeper understanding of the process and factors that lead to dropping out of secondary school. Pupils will be followed through 3 waves of data collection (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade). A two-stage disproportionally stratified cluster sample, which will include approximately 1200 pupils and their female caretakers, will be used. The research will be conducted in 6 counties that differ in economic development. 40 adolescents from the initial sample who have dropped out of school during the duration of the study will be recruited. The outcomes of the project will be used to advance the social and family policy measures aimed at reducing the negative effects of family economic hardship on family relations and adolescent adjustment problems.

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