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Autonomni um: Istraživanja o samogenerirajućim, nesvjesnin procesima

The Autonomous Mind: Investigations into the Self-Generating, Nonconscious Processes

Initiation of this project is motivated by a (scientifically founded) belief that we can understand nature and import of the conscious mind only if we get a competent grasp of how consciousness emerges from the nonconscious (and more generally the ‘autonomous’, which can include some conscious states, such as dreams, but also emotions that are not easy to categorize in tese terms). In order to do that we have to study different forms of self-generating mechanisms by which the autonomous mind (AM) is brought about. The autonomous then stays roughly for the mental 'infrastructure' that operates by generating impulses for action, mental and motor, without having to process them in consciousness. We will consider this phenomenon as primary in relation to consciousness that emerges rather late in the chain of mental processing. One of the basic premisses that builds the ground for our investigation is the assumption that mental states are heavily underdetermined by sensory data. To claim this is to enter the dispute with the current mainstream (particularly within the consciousness studies) that sees mental phenomena (specifically consciousness) firmly rooted in sensation, on the ne hand; it also means a conflict with the canon of intellectualism, the long-lasting impact of which (following Descartes) resulted in consciousness- and thought-centeredness with which we are faced and which we want to critically examine, on the other hand. Representative of unconscious behavior is automaticity. Yet, whilst many authors affiliate this sort of action primarily with motor habits, we aim to extend the term far beyond bodily behavior and to include complex mental processes such as perception, memory, action, learning, and thought.

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Autonomous Mind




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