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Dijagnostika Interakcije lasera i hladne plazme

Laser - Cold Plasma Interaction and Diagnostics

Opis projekta

Cold and low-density plasmas are currently in focus of basic research worldwide due to many open questions regarding their complex nature and simultaneously due to their high potential for applications in various fields of research and technology. Plasmas can be produced by bombarding matter either with energetic electrons or with energetic photons. The first kind is related to use of various discharges and the second to use of powerful lasers. Our interest is in plasmas produced in vacuum, under low-pressure gas environment, at atmospheric air or on/within liquids. Discharges which we use range from electrodeless, single electrode to various designs of two electrode systems. Lasers we use are cw or pulsed nanosecond. In our research special care will be devoted to tailoring the electron energy distribution functions as a key factor influencing plasma content and features. This is usually done by changing macroscopic plasma parameters - gas pressure, electrical fields and geometry of discharges. In this project we shall combine laser produced plasmas with discharge plasmas to achieve that goal. To understand the complex nature of plasma or processes of plasma interaction with other matter phases (gases, liquids and solids) basic approach is to perform plasma diagnostics by various types of optical and laser spectroscopies. To interpret findings we study basic atomic collision processes in plasmas and structure and spectra of various complexes formed within plasma (dimers, radicals etc). Modeling of various processes within cold plasmas and laser produced plasmas is performed in addition. In various applications in which plasma treatment of matter is used there is a need for in situ monitoring of processes both in plasma and at interfaces and therefore both spatial and temporal spectral resolution of applied detection techniques are important. We use classical emission and absorption laser spectroscopies and modern techniques such as a cavity ring-down spectroscopy.

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