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Elektrokemijski superkondenzator visoke snage i velikog sadržaja energije za primjenu u električnim vozilima

High power-high energy electrochemical supercapacitor for hybrid electric vehicles

In the context of renewable and “clean” energy sources, the main aim of the present project is to provide a technology output for the novel, high power-high energy electrochemical supercapacitor device that could be implemented in hybrid electric vehicles. The project addresses an interdisciplinary research and combines fundamental and applied research activities in chemical, electrical and environmental engineering fields. The highest possible scientific and technological impact of the project is supposed to be ensured by joining of the human and experimental resources of several different Croatian’s groups. The novel, high power-high energy electrochemical supercapacitor device will be based on hybridization of two different types of electrodes (double-layer and pseudo-capacitive) in a respective electrolyte. Various forms of carbon and carbon based binary and ternary composites with transition metal oxides and/or conducting polymers will be tested as negative and positive electrodes, respectively. For being competitive in the area of energy storage, the tested electrodes should fulfil the requirements of high specific capacitance, long cycle-life, good charge/discharge efficiency, low self discharge and adequate operating voltage. The project is planned to be realized mostly on the basis of fundamental experimental research directed towards increasing of the basic knowledge comprising choice of material, proper design of electrodes and careful elucidation of all underlying physical and chemical processes at active electrode/electrolyte interfaces. The results of fundamental experimental research will be utilized for selection of proper electrodes, their arrangement into electrochemical supercapacitor device, optimization of device to the energy content and power ability, testing of device in practical environment and implementation of device into hybrid electrical vehicle.

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