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Hrvatska u 20. stoljeću: modernizacija u uvjetima pluralizma i monizma

Croatia in the 20th century: modernization in the context of pluralism and monism

The aim of the project is to research the political, economical, social and cultural developments in Croatia from 1918 when Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed, to 1991 when socialist Yugoslavia disintegrated. Thus the project covers the period of about 70 years, from 1914/1918 to 1991. The project will cover complete present day Croatian territory as well as neighbouring areas where necessary. The project will include various topic – ideologies and politics, national and religious questions, as well as culture, especially the role of media and sport in the social life. Research will cover a wide range of events and historical processes: formation and spreading of national and political ideas and their realization through the activities of political parties and movements; organization of state security and police; reconstruction of everyday life; the question of identity of various groups of Croatian society. The project will also cover the biographies of certain persons and how certain regimes treated them. More specifically the project will research the consequences of World War I on the population; the activities of state authorities of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia, Independent State of Croatia, Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia/Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia and to the present day Republic of Croatia. The research will concentrate on the question of freedom of nations and individuals and the influence of external political forces.

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