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Između Dunava i Mediterana. Uloga rimske vojske u mobilnosti ljudi i roba na tlu Hrvatske u antici.

Between the Danube and the Mediterranean. Exploring the role of Roman military in the mobility of people and goods in Croatia during the Roman Era

Opis projekta

The objective of the project is to investigate and extend scientific information to aid in solving as yet unanswered questions about the significance of the Roman military in changes that occurred on the territory of Republic of Croatia in the period from the first contacts with Rome (229 BC) to the end of the Marcomannic Wars (180 AD). The geopolitical strategy of Rome in conquered regions was to encourage the integration process, where the Roman army gave its contribution. Archaeological data testify that the indigenous communities of Illyricum reacted differently to this process. Some were willing to accept the Roman heritage (e.g. Liburnians), while the others (e.g. Delmatae) were providing resistance. Given previous research today we have a number of valuable studies about certain aspects of Roman domination. However, they are primarily focused either on the ancient written sources or the archaeological material from Dalmatia and Pannonia. This research of the integration would cover for the first time the Roman military presence on the area of Croatia. The main focus is on the Roman military sites along the Dalmataean and the the Danube limes. New data will be derived using the methodology purposely created for this project and includes archaeological survey, classification, comparison and evaluation of all available data both archaeological and ancient sources with the application of the variable of geographic origin. Such research has never been undertaken in Croatia. The results would fill the informational gaps that exist for this part of the Empire through the analysis of the largest possible amount of information about the Roman army activities and the integration of indigenous people. The project leader’s research has focused so far on the problems of Roman provincial archaeology. Many years of her successful research of and of all the collaborators guarantee the sustainability of the approach and the successful implementation of the project objectives.

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