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Jako korelirani elektroni u slojnim organskim materijalima i manganitima: niskofrekventna pobuđenja i nelinearna dinamika

Strongly Correlated Electrons in Layered Organics and Manganites: Low Frequency Excitations and Non-linear Dynamics

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Strongly correlated electrons in solids generate broken symmetry phases and collective excitations that are fundamental to our understanding of the most intriguing properties of quantum matter. Phase diagrams of layered cuprate, organic superconductors and manganites, as well as some other transition-metal systems, famous for the phenomena of unconventional superconductivity (SC) and colossal magnetoresistance (CMR), respectively feature an extraordinary complexity of electronic phases, which can be tuned by chemical composition, magnetic field and pressure. A prominent place among these phases is held by stripes, patterns of charge order (CO), which are thought to be linked to SC and CMR, as well as by CO phases with ferroelectric signatures due to a rich variety of nonlinear properties and complex dynamics. Despite intense research efforts, these basic issues in condensed matter physics bear many open questions. We propose to investigate the nature of charge/spin-ordered phases and their motion developed in series of organic and transition metal solids applying modern experimental tools available at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb and at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (dielectric spectroscopy, pulsed nonlinear conductivity, ac/dc resistance, magnetoresistance and Hall effect). Our overall contributions to the field and our expertise in condensed matter physics have been internationally recognized. Together with the available experimental means, this positions us as researchers fully suitable and competent for the proposed task. Our international partners will give an added value with samples, experiments and expertise in the terahertz and infrared spectroscopy. Integrated students and postdocs are going to acquire advanced skills in the materials science and learn to solve complex problems in a collaborative environment. Results will be published in international scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

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