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Adult language processing

Opis projekta

Adult Language Processing project is intended to address psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic aspects of the aging population in Croatia. As an installation research project it will help set up an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research group that would tackle all aspects of the language processing in adults and in the aging population. Clinical groups (patients with aphasias, dementias and dyslexia) will be included into the project; language breakdown in these clinical groups helps in the study of language processing in healthy adults and vice versa. It is generally assumed that the subtle changes in language processing in the aging population arise from the cognitive decay related to executive functions, not language per se. The decrease in the processing speed influences language processes that require fast execution or simultaneity. This results in a typical pattern of changes, different from the ones in clinical populations. Therefore, executive functions in these groups will be studied in order to build a comprehensive model of adult language processing. Theories of language processing (namely, Role and Reference Grammar - RRG) will be considered to define specific traces of language processing that assume fast execution or simultaneity and therefore should be the most vulnerable in aging population. These traces will be defined and described which will put Croatian into a cross-linguistic perspective in contemporary studies of linguistic aphasiology and provide coherent picture of age related changes in adult language system.

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