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Komparativnoslavističke lingvokulturalne teme

Comparative Slavic Linguocultural Themes

Opis projekta

The Project will include linguocultural themes from Slavic philology with an emphasis on Croatian language using a contrastive/comparative method of research. Languages included are: Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukraine, Russian, Sorabian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and other Slavic languages. Linguocultural areas cover grammatical fields: phonology, inflexion, word- formation, lexicology, phraseology, micro -, macro- and suprasyntax and wider areas of interest are: pragmatics, paremiology, language history and semantics. Interdisciplinary areas, such as: ethno linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics with a special emphasis on verbal and non-verbal communication are also taken into consideration. On the basis of this a connection of the language and culture in presenting the language world view will be presented. As a part of the Project specialized bilingual dictionary “Pragmaticon” and Quintilingual dictionary of Slavic etymons.

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