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Metakognicija kod kategorijalnog učenja, mišljenja i razumijevanja

Metacognition in Category Learning, Thinking and Comprehension

The fundamental problem of education is how to create a learning environment which will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Psychology of education attempts to identify mental processes and mechanisms underlying our ability to learn. Research on self-regulated learning and metacognition is a topic of special importance for educational psychology. Self-regulated learning encompasses cognitive, motivational and behavioral processes which occur while learners undertake activities to accomplish a learning goal. Self-regulation is based on a cyclical process of monitoring and control. The learner monitors the efficiency of the applied learning strategies and responds to feedback obtained from the monitoring process. Metacognition is studied intensively in the areas of memory and text comprehension. The central aim of the project is to explore metacognitive processes of monitoring and control in the domains of: 1. Category learning, 2. Thinking, 3. Grounded (situated) comprehension. All of these domains have been studied extensively but in isolation from metacognition. Our goal is to bring together these disparate fields of study under the same research program. Unifying theme of the project is the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 processes which can be identified in each domain and whose properties will guide metacognitive judgments. Project team consists of 5 established researchers in the field of experimental psychology and 5 doctoral students whose PhD theses are closely related to the project aims. The project team will utilize newly established Laboratory for experimental psychology equipped with facilities necessary to carry out the proposed project. The project will answer the important question of how accurate are the metacognitive judgments and how effective are the processes of monitoring and regulation in the cognitive domains where metacognition has not been studied in greater detail.

metacognition, monitoring, dual processes, category learning, thinking, comprehension

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