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Molekularna epidemiologija nekih invazijskih oboljenja divljih životinja

Molecular epidemiology of selected parasitic diseases of wildlife

Wildlife diseases are increasingly important field of veterinary medicine, conservation medicine, and protection of human health. Of all wildlife diseases parasitic diseases participate with 75%. In this project, selection of diseases encompasses potentially fatal diseases with high economic impact, frequently present disease with mainly subclinical course, and potential zoonotic diseases. Main objectives of the project are to: 1) determine the occurrence of selected parasitic diseases of gastrointestinal and respiratory system in red deer, roe deer, wild boar and jackal, 2) determine environmental factors that contribute disease occurrence, 3) determine the epidemiology of selected parasitic disease of wildlife, 4) analyse MHC genes expression in animals with different health status, and 5) analyse obtained results with molecular epidemiology tools. This will be achieved by interdisciplinary research team (composed of veterinarians, biologists and forester) divided in four main topics: parasitology, environmental conditions and GIS modelling, MHC genes polymorphism in wildlife and epidemiology and molecular epidemiology. Other objectives of the project are to facilitate establishment of internationally competent multidisciplinary research team through research, cooperation and continuing professional development and to enhance development of molecular epidemiology in Croatia. With such comprehensive approach proposed project offers for the first time in Croatia creation of multidisciplinary team that will analyse all aspects of wildlife diseases and important environmental factors. Furthermore, molecular epidemiology will provide insights into susceptibility to disease and potential survival rate that is dependent on major histocompatibility complex variations.

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