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Optimiranje i modeliranje termalnih procesa materijala

Optimisation and modelling of thermal processes of materials

Phenomena of physical processes during the thermal processes will be investigated. Methods for modeling and computer simulations of thermal processes of materials will be developed. Thermal processes, such as, heat treating processes of steel, hot pressing of powder metals and casting of alloys of light metals will be investigate. The study of heat treatment of steel will be focused on quench hardening and tempering, and control cooling during the hot working and steel casting. Thermal stability of electro-active composites will be analyzed. Optimization of electro-less Ni-P coating of stainless steel and thermo-diffusive heat treatment of layers will be studied. Methods of optimization of application of tools and dies in thermal processing of materials will be studied. Models and computer programs for simulation of behavior steel dies during casting of light metal alloys and hot pressing of metal powders will be developed. During the thermal processes primary will be studied physical processes and material properties such as: heat transfer, microstructure transformations, mechanical properties and distortions and residual stresses. Numerical model of physical phenomena will be preferable based on finite volume method (FVM). To solve these tasks, joined thermo-mechanic-metallurgical approach will be required. The computer program for 3-D simulation of heat transfer, microstructure transformations, mechanical properties, distortions and residual stresses during the thermal processes will be developed.

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