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Otvaranje obrazovanja kroz učenje unutar i izvan škola i kolaboraciju na mobilnim tablet računalima

Opening up education through Seamless and COLLAborative Mobile learning on tablet computers

Opis projekta

This project explores the potential of using mobile technology for seamless and mobile learning in Croatia and proposes a technologically innovative mobile learning platform named SCOLLAm. Being one of the first scientific mobile learning projects in Croatian schools, it explores both technology and pedagogies through two studies leveraging tablet computers in Croatian classrooms. In the first study, SCOLLAm will be deployed in a primary school to support new seamless and collaborative lessons in and across the existing subjects. In the second study, augmented mobile learning technology and the accompanying digital lessons will be used as a tool to support seamless and collaborative learning in a vocational school. These studies seek to stimulate and explore the effectiveness of mobile learning in Croatian schools in a strictly scientific manner, by engaging in digital mobile lesson co-design with the school teachers. The project will leverage experience from mobile learning research groups from Singapore, Sweden and USA in order to develop a new set of tools and lessons suitable for Croatian educational system. In order to move away from the tools typically targeting one platform and providing only limited adaptation mechanisms with virtually no learning analytics, one of the project objectives is the design, development and deployment of a scalable, adaptive and analytics driven platform SCOLLAm. Through the designed studies, produced open localizable educational resources and the SCOLLAm platform, we expect to see that the participants benefit from the introduction and use of mobile technology and applications through increased learning, collaboration skills and self-directedness, and acquire 21st century skills needed in their further education and life.

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