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Porezna politika i fiskalna konsolidacija u Hrvatskoj

Tax Policy and Fiscal Consolidation in Croatia

The project is dealing with a tax policy problem Croatia has been tackling with in times of its fiscal consolidation as to ensure enough fiscal revenues, support long-term growth and maintain and even increase the equity of the tax system. The research starts with an extensive expert opinion survey about the state and perspectives of Croatian tax systems, which will be extended to Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to do relevant cross analysis of the obtained results. This survey will be followed by some public attitude surveys concerning relevant tax issues. The macroeconomic effects of fiscal consolidation measures in Croatia, with the emphasis on tax measures, will be analyzed at different government levels as well as the effects of tax structure on the economic growth. The research will be broadened to encompass other (mostly region) countries. It is expected that the research team with their in-depth tax policy analyses will pinpoint different aspects of crucial tax policy issues in Croatia with problem-solving recommendations regarding financial transaction tax, real estate tax, environmental taxation, flat tax and some other base broadening and tax expenditure issues.

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