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Profesionalni razvoj tijekom adolescencije: Razvoj i provjera Modela tranzicije karijere u adolescenciji

Vocational Development in Adolescence: Setting the Adolescent Career Transition Model

Opis projekta

The aim of this project is to develop, postulate and evaluate an Adolescent Career Transition Model (ACTM). For most people the adolescence is the tipping point for career decision making. Last grade high-school students have to decide between further education on universities or entering the world of work and finding a job. To successfully overcome this important career transition period, adolescents have to become aware of their preferences and capabilities, to crystallize their career goals and to form their vocational identity. By implementing their vocational identity through engagement in their desired job or educational program, they should be able to achieve success and satisfactions in their careers, to fit in and adjust to their working environment and job demands, and to be motivated for their work and future advancement. The Adolescent Career Transition Model encompasses several career related behaviours, competences and traits that can influence positive career transition outcomes. We will assess approximately 1200 high school students at the beginning of the last grade of high-school (17-18 years) and follow their career development for the next 18 months. In three separate time points we will administer measures of career-related traits and social support, career self-guidance competencies, vocational development and career transition outcomes, through a secure online testing system that will be developed for this project. Statistical data analysis of the obtained data will be performed by adequate multivariate models to answer specific research objectives. Once the postulation and evaluation of the ACTM and the dissemination of the results are completed, the aim of the project is to create a new online career guidance system on the basis of the results of our research. This new online guidance system will be open and free for public use, and remain as a valuable and practically usefully legacy of the project.

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