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Development of Multipurpose Land Administration System

Opis projekta

The primary purpose of a land administration system (LAS) is the registration of legal or other formal relations of persons to land. Besides its primary purpose, land administration system can and should also serve as a basis for land management. Different to the land administration, land management is a set of processes ensuring that the land is used in an efficient and sustainable manner. Unfortunately, land administration systems are rarely able to fulfill such additional requirements, even in the developed countries. This project aims at finding what needs to be done in order to transform a traditional land administration system into a modern multipurpose land administration system (MLAS), which can efficiently support land management. Our hypothesis says that such a transformation can be done by improving two aspects of a LAS, its efficiency and its usability. Under efficiency we consider the ability of a LAS to update its data quickly whilst ensuring the consistency and correctness thereof. Within the project we will investigate options for outsourcing the preparation of transactions to private sector and the possibilities to more efficiently collect field data within the improved process of updating LAS data. Even more important that its efficiency, is the usability of a LAS. This is the second aspect that we try to improve within the project. Besides the mere registration of the land, MLAS must be able to efficiently support processes of land valuation, urban planning and various rearrangements aiming to increase agricultural productivity of the land. Within the project we will investigate which additional data needs to be collected, processed and stored within the LAS in order to enable efficient support to land management processes. As a starting point for the research we use our previous research closely related to the topics of land administration and land management, and the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), which recently became the ISO standard.

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