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Rimska ekonomija u Dalmaciji: proizvodnja, distribucija i potražnja u svijetlu keramičarskih radionica

Roman Economy in Dalmatia: production, distribution and demand in the light of pottery workshops

Opis projekta

Main goal of the RED project is to found out as much as possible about production, distribution and demand of goods in Roman Dalmatia through most common material found in arhaeological excavations – ceramics. From Late Hellenistic period when Central Dalmatia was enrolled in vivid Mediterranean trade, not only as a receiver of everything that comes from the larger centre, but also as a driving force of social and economic changes establishing pottery manufactures. This social transformation was enhanced by Romans. Trade of ceramic objects is one of the main starting points for understanding the history of the Roman economy and society. For such scientific research it is necessary to establish a project using archaeometric analysis and archaeological research and a database of ceramics. Landscape archaeology methods such as field surveys, GIS, sampling patterns and statistical analysis will be used to analyse and interpret the wealth of data. RED project will include the development of an online database of documentary, archaeological material and archaeometric samples. Aim of this project will also be to establish relations between local production to the imports and to what extent was production in province Dalmatia driven by consumer demand and involvement of provincial communities within the Late Hellenistic/Republican and Imperial Roman economy.

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