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Stvaranje grada: prostor, kultura i identitet

CIty-making: space, culture and identity

The project has emerged from theoretical insights in urban anthropology, anthropology of space and place, urban migration studies, cultural geography, post-socialist studies and post-colonial theory. It proposes a complex research outline based dominantly on qualitative methodology, aiming at untangling and comprehending multiple, multilayered and interdependent (f)actors and processes that influence contemporary transformations in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The concept of city-making in this research refers to a comprehensive construction and articulation of urban life along two axes—space and diversity. Both constitute nodes at which global political, economic and cultural flows meet and collide with local histories, way of life, imaginaries, interests and developments, bringing about the restructuring of the city and its identity as well as identities of city inhabitants. This ethnological and cultural anthropological project emphasises agency of city dwellers in these transformations and investigates how they negotiate and re-create the given social, cultural, and spatial landscape (cityscape) investing it with meaning and humanising it. The project will have an important bearing on the city's politics and policies, with the goal of achieving more sustainable and inclusive functioning of the city while, at the same time, it will advance the state of the art of urban studies. In addition, it will ensure the transfer of knowledge via university courses and public presentations aimed at raising the awareness about various urban issues (planning, environment, representation, cultural production, diversity, marginality etc.).

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