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Transformacije kolektivnih i individualnih identiteta u Dubrovačkoj Republici od kasnog srednjeg vijeka do 19. stoljeća

Transformations of the Collective and Individual Identities in the Dubrovnik Republic from the Late Middle Ages until the Nineteenth Century

The proposed project is an interdisciplinary study of various forms of identity in the Republic of Dubrovnik during almost half a millennium of its independent statehood (mid 14th – early 19th century). Adopting a broad perspective it will take into account most diverse aspects of identity, such as social, political, religious, ethnic, or individual, as well as their interactions. This requires investigation of diverse historical sources which range from texts (e.g. historiography, diplomatic correspondence, notary records), to social practices (e.g. ritual) or urban topography and visual arts. Besides such comprehensiveness, another important novelty of the project is its chronological scope. It takes into account long period of almost half a millennium, thereby disregarding the conventional divide between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, which will enable valuable insights into long term (dis)continuities. Yet another important novelty is that the project focuses on a premodern city-state, a type of community relatively neglected in the field of identity studies mostly focused on modern period and national states. Finally, the project will also adopt a strongly comparative perspective, investigating the (dis)similarities between Dubrovnik and other Mediterranean cities. Since the enterprise of this scope necessarily involves specialists in different fields and methodologies, the project assembles an interdisciplinary team led by the Academician Nenad Vekarić. It consists of ten scientists, two postdoctoral researchers and four doctoral students. The project proposes to publish more than 10 scientific books, numerous articles, and organize four workshops. Besides offering the answer to an important scientific problem, the main objective of the project is to present to the international audiences the less known but important case of Dubrovnik, thus contributing to the visibility and networks of Croatian scholars.

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