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Urbanizam naslijeđa - Urbanistički i prostorni modeli za oživljavanje i unaprjeđenje kulturnoga naslijeđa

Heritage Urbanism - Urban and Spatial Planning Models for Revival and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage

Croatia’s urban heritage is at least 25 centuries old. Examples of cultural/architectural and landscape heritage in Croatia are numerous, valuable and diverse. Part of this heritage is recognised worldwide and is protected by UNESCO. Croatia’s most valuable heritage is protected at a national level, although a part of it has, as yet, not been recognised. For various reasons the numerous examples of Croatian heritage are in a poor condition and decaying because they don’t have a permanent use and are not included in the life of cities and towns, despite being formally protected. In former research project, Urban and Landscape Heritage of Croatia as Part of European Culture, cultural heritage was researched in an attempt to present its values and traits as part of Croatia’s national identity and culture. The new project proposal partly supplements previous project thematically and uses results of this research, but the focus of research is on the creative, sustainable and responsible usage of urban, architectural and landscape heritage, which is a non-renewable resource. Contemporary attitudes of conservationists on the holistic protection based on international conservation documents connect protection with urban and regional planning through the concept of sustainable development. The aim of proposed research is to affirm heritage as an active space and spatial resource, to include it in future life and to allow it to be the initiator and active participant in sustainable spatial, social and cultural, economic and touristic development. The research will be based on the selected case studies for each type of cultural heritage. The aim is to define spatial criteria, methods and models for revitalisation and for the implementation of new projects within cultural heritage which may contribute to their enhancement. The project results (criteria, methods, models) will be applied in spatial and urban planning and conservation practices, and will be of far-reaching impact.

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