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Multidisciplinarni klaster za istraživanje tranzicijskog kriminaliteta - trgovanje ljudima, korupcija i gospodarski kriminalitet

Multidisciplinary Research Cluster on Crime in Transition - Trafficking in Human Beings, Corruption and Economic Crime

The first project research focus is human trafficking, modern age slavery that has been condemned by the ECHR as a gross human rights violation. The number of those identified as victims in Croatia remains low. However, there is no dispute that the dark number in this field is significant. This could be explained by the structural deficiencies of national anti-trafficking policies and disregard of research and multidisciplinary approach in addressing three key priority areas – that of prevention, protection of victims, and prosecution of perpetrators. The need for the research based policies is indispensible for Croatia as a new EU member state that has been under the risk of turning into a country of destination for victims from the Western Balkan countries as well as from the countries either affected from internal instabilities and conflicts (e.g. Syria) or from the African countries (e.g. Nigeria). Therefore, the aim of this project is to contribute, through establishment of fully operational informal network of experts from different disciplines, in promoting research based policies and to provide support for establishment of National Rapporteur on THB (this is an obligation under the Directive 2011/36/EU that still has not been fully implemented by Croatia). The second research focus is corruption and economic crime, major obstacles for further development of society stretched between systemic dysfunctions characteristic for transition period and the rule of law standards formally accepted through the process of European integration. Informal network of experts will address the issues of liability of legal persons for corruption and economic criminal offences, shortcomings in legislation and case law, legislation that regulate access to information etc.

crime, transition,research cluster, trafficking in human beings, corruption, economic crime

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