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Razvoj suvremenog pravnog i osigurateljnog režima za hrvatske marine - unapređenje konkurentnosti, sigurnosti, sigurnosne zaštite i zaštite morskog okoliša

Developing a Modern Legal and Insurance Regime for Croatian Marinas - Enhancing Competitiveness, Safety, Security and Marine Environmental Standards

The proposed research project shall consist of an examination of the existing legal regime governing the establishment, management and the activities of the nautical tourism ports in Croatia, with a special focus on marina operator’s liabilities, insurance arrangements, standards of maritime safety and security and marine environmental protection; comparative analysis of the respective legislation, insurance arrangements and court practice in the European countries; analysis of the European marina operators’ common practices, general terms and conditions, their experiences in the combat against and dealing with the adverse events such as vessel thefts, fire, unauthorised entry, marine accidents within the port, marine pollution, etc; proposing improvements in the legal framework relating to the regime of liability and insurance of the Croatian marina operators, with a view of enhancing their competitiveness, safety, security and environmental protection standards; in particular, a recommended model of general terms and conditions would be created as an innovative business solution for marina operators and a possible reform of the respective positive legislation would be proposed, paying due respect to the necessary compliance with the relevant EU legislation. The proposed project is aimed at consolidating the relevant national legislation and clarifying the related legal concepts through the currently lacking doctrine, with a view of unifying the domestic court practice and contributing to legal certainty in the interest of all parties involved. This should lead to a progress and further sustainable development of the nautical tourism sector in Croatia subject to the requirements of the marine environmental protection, maritime safety and security, particularly considering the country’s strategic orientation to that sector of economy and the planned substantial increase of the nautical tourism ports’ berthing capacities in the following years.

marina, nautical tourism, transport law , marine insurance, liability, safety, security, marine environment

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