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Vojnički život i slike ratnika u hrvatskom pograničju od 16. stoljeća do 1918.

Military Life and Warrior Images in Croatian Borderlands from the 16th Century until 1918

Opis projekta

The contribution of soldiers from Croatian borderlands to the armed forces of the Habsburg Monarchy, Republic of Venice, Ottoman Empire and French Empire is beyond dispute. Thanks to comprehensive and continuous archive records relevant to the early modern period and long nineteenth century, this issue can be thoroughly researched on a multidisciplinary level. This project aims to explore demographic, socio-economic and political circumstances in Croatian borderlands, and to examine cause and effect relationships between these circumstances (developmental components) that made up the everyday life of Croatian soldiers, their families and households, and formed their identity. Research will focus on the Otočac and Lika Regiments of the Military Frontier, Zadar and Kotor as central strongholds of the Republic of Venice on the East Adriatic, the Republic of Dubrovnik and Dalmatia during the French and Austrian administration. The reconstruction of everyday life and the identity of the martial people that inhabited these borderlands will include: 1. demographic data (birth rates, fertility and mortality), migrations and the socio-economic context (age, gender and professional structure); 2. the military and war context (military organization and training, la petite guerre - partisan warfare - and the art of war, images and self-awareness of Croatian soldiers); 3. the geo-political context (administrative and legal organization, government transitions). One of the main objectives of the research team is to process a large quantity of muster rolls and other military lists, birth, marriage and death registers, casualty lists, land registers etc, covering the Otočac and Lika Regiments, Zadar, Dalmatia, Republic of Dubrovnik and Kotor in order to create an open access database that can be integrated within networks as EHPS-Net and MOSAIC and will thus serve a multidisciplinary purpose.

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