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Izvori, pomagala i studije za hrvatsku povijest od srednjeg vijeka do kraja dugog 19. stoljeća

Sources, Manuals and Studies for Croatian History from the Middle Ages to the End of the Long Nineteenth Century

Opis projekta

General aim of the project is collecting, scholarly analysing and editing of sources for social and economic history of Croatia from the Middle Ages to the end of the long 19th century, creating manuals needed for research of them, and, based on their research, writing studies (articles, monographs) regarding in the first place social and economic history of Croatia. It is one of the projects evolved from the research already traditionally conducted within the research framework of the Division of Historical Studies of the Institute of Historical and Social Studies of CASA. Primary goal of the work on the project is preparation and publishing of critical editions of sources needed for other researchers for their further research. It is aimed on adding and completing older editions of sources by new archival research and continuation of already established collections and on establishing some new ones and starting their publishing. Attention will be dedicated also to the study of former historiography as a source for social, political, economic and cultural history. Research on the project will result in new editions of sources providing Croatian and international scholarly audience historical sources prepared qualitatively and with criticism, as well as with desperately needed manuals. Methodology used during the work on these tasks will be that usual for such research (based on the general principles of the egdotics and other auxiliary disciplines). By including in work young researchers and through the cooperation with other institutions, it will also help to the education and training of younger scholars. The results of the work on the project will be presented to scholarly public also as studies published within the Academy editions and outside of them in Croatia and abroad, and by participation and organisation of important scholarly conferences and other events in the country and abroad.

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