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Escalating into Holocaust: From execution squads to the gas van of the concentration camp at Sajmište. Two defining phases of the Holocaust in Serbia

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The main project goal is to further support Holocaust remembrance, research and education, with particular aim to explore shared European aspects of the Holocaust by taking Holocaust in Serbia as starting point, in order to further discuss important current European challenges, and Holocaust as a shared European narrative that defines European values of diversity, tolerance and Human Rights. Through the series of 6 public events in Serbia, Sweden and the Netherlands, international experts will present and discuss shared European aspects of the Holocaust, Holocaust research, commemoration, teaching and learning about Holocaust, as well as current European challenges in facing intolerance, anti-Semitism, anti-Romanyism, xenophobia etc. Motivated after recent discovery of forgotten materials consisting of a couple of thousands until now unprocessed and unlisted Holocaust victims of Sajmiste concentration camp in Belgrade, The Historical Archives of Belgrade initiated a wide international partnership with aim to present two defining phases of the Holocaust in Serbia. This broad cooperation and exchange will result in several products: A modular traveling educational exhibition “October 1941” on the key period of occupation of Serbia and the first phase of Holocaust: the killing squad mass executions; An online database consisting of detailed data about the Holocaust victims of Sajmiste camp, listing the victims by name, profession, address etc. for the first time after 70 years - revealing the pre-war Jewish life in Belgrade and the horror of the final phase of Holocaust in Serbia; Educational tools specifically developed to make these materials easy for use in educational purposes with aim to promote cultural diversity as a shared European value; Publications, additional online teaching materials and multimedia;The project brings together public institutions, NGOs, research institutes, international scholars and local Jewish and Roma communities from 4 or more European countries during the series of events in Serbia, The Netherlands and Sweden. The database will be presented to wide audiences. Exhibition will be displayed in several cities in Serbia, and presented in The Netherlands and Sweden, followed by international seminars. A series of debates expends from local historical specifics of the Holocaust in Serbia as a starting point to further examine the Holocaust and its defining impact on the common European values in the post-war Europe, as well as to seek answers to the current European challenges in promoting diversity and tolerance. In addition, teacher trainings and workshops with students will be held, promoting the Holocaust remembrance and education.

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holocaust, Serbia, victims, concentration camp, Serbia, remembrance, research and education

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Escalating into Holocaust




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