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Jednakost i socijalna inkluzija kroz pozitivno roditeljstvo

Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting

Opis projekta

Cilj ovog projekta je kreirati, implementirati i evaluirati edukaciju za roditelje djece s poremećajem iz spektra autizma u Hrvatskoj, Makedoniji i na Cipru.

The purpose of this project is to share, adapt, test, evaluate, embed and disseminate a collaborative model of parent education, with an ecologically valid curriculum and training materials, to support the provision of effective parent education for parents of disabled children (in this case, children with autism), learning from what is currently taking place within Croatia, Cyprus and the Republic of Macedonia, and modeled upon existing practice within the United Kingdom. The intention is that this project - identifying countyspecific issues and the universal issues that cross national borders - will provide a model for parent education that can be used across Europe. This is an important project as such a model and materials are not currently available; and the negative impact of disability in general, and autism in particular, affects key areas of concern such as social inclusion, equality of opportunity, educational achievement, employment and quality of life.

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poremećaj iz spektra autizma, edukacija za roditelje

autism spectrum disorder, parent education

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