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Razvoj inkluzivnog obrazovanja za studente s invaliditetom na sveučilištima u Šri Lanki_IncEdu

Developing Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities in Sri Lankan Universities_IncEdu

Opis projekta

Ključni je cilj projekta razviti sustav potpore za izjednačavanje mogućnosti za studente s invaliditetom na sveučilištima u Šri Lanki. Time se osiguravaju prava studenata s invaliditetom na pristup visokom obrazovanju, borba protiv diskriminacije poticanjem svijesti i uspostava mreže održive podrške za studente s invaliditetomna sveučilištima u Šri Lanki. Website: http://www.esn.ac.lk/incedu/index.html

The key aim of the project is to develop a system of support for equalizing opportunities for students with disabilities (SWDs) in Sri Lankan Universities. This is to ensure the rights of SWDs to access higher education, to combat discrimination by instilling awareness and to establish a sustainable support network for SWDs in Sri Lankan Universities. The project has number of specific objectives given below. ● To create community awareness. ● To develop competency of staff of the partner universities in Sri Lanka. ● To establish conducive learning environment for students with disabilities. ● To make policy recommendations. The aim of this project is the inclusion of SWDs in the higher educational institutes of Sri Lanka by accommodating and adapting suitable environments for them. The specific objectives identified in achieving the aim mainly consist of creating awareness, developing competency of staff in the partner universities of Sri Lanka, establishing a conducive learning environment for SWDs, providing provisions in the curriculum to accommodate requirements of SWDs and making policy recommendations. The project will in its initial steps identify through a need analysis the standard of higher education for SWDs in Sri Lanka. This would be conducted in the universities of Sri Lanka who are partners to the project on capacity building in higher education. Based on the observations of the analysis the project will promote and develop services to SWDS to access inclusive education that would lead to a non-discriminated and socially integrated setting assuring the equal right to education. The main step towards developing services for SWDs under the project capacity building in higher education would be creating awareness in the Sri Lankan community. Only handful students of those considered as SWDs pursue higher education in Sri Lanka and it is identified that the main reason behind this is the unawareness of the whole community. Unawareness pertaining to this is two folds. They are, unawareness of the whole community including SWDs and their parents and secondary school teachers about the avenues available for them in higher education. Most of the SWDs are school dropouts and have no means of encouragement in form of awareness to the heights they could reach pursuing higher education. On the other hand, unawareness pertains to the handful of SWDs that are able to get into universities passing the university entrance examination. Although in Sri Lanka these students are apparently inclusively accommodated into higher education they are not comfortably accommodated into the higher educational setting, and the main reason for this is that the community consisting of the academic, non-academic and administrative staff of universities are unaware of the mechanisms that are available in accommodating SWDs in a comfortable setting. So this project as its main objectives aims at creating community awareness, staff capacity development and opening avenues for higher education. The implementation of this project would see as an outcome the establishment of the model resource center for SWDs. This unit/center in the University of Peradeniya (UOP), would serve as a model for the partner local universities of Sri Lanka to follow. With regard to developing competency of staff of UOP as well as partner universities, training of trainers would be a vital aspect of the project which would ensure the continuance and sustainability of the project. Project will set up a suitable mechanism to disseminate outcome to the whole community. Policy recommendation will be made and encourage to revise existing policies where necessary. This would ensure the sustenance of the services developed for SWDs under this project. Website: http://www.esn.ac.lk/incedu/index.html

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studenti s invaliditetom, inkluzivno obrazovanje, visoko obrazovanje

students with disabilities, inclusive education, higher education

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