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Assisting Better Communication_ABC

Assisting Better Communication_ABC

Opis projekta

Projekt „ABC - pomoć boljoj komunikaciji“ ima za cilj uvesti (npr. U Gruziji) i poboljšati profesiju terapeuta za govor i jezik u zemljama sudionicama, razrađivanjem kvalitetnih tečajeva koji se nude na različitim razinama visokog i stručnog obrazovanja.

Project ”ABC – Assisting Better Communication” aims to introduce (e.g. in Georgia) and enhance the profession of a Speech and Language Therapist in the participating countries through elaboration of quality courses offered at different levels of higher and professional education. ABC initiative is focusing on four objectives and its corresponding directions. The main objectives are: Elaboration of the Content for SLT preparation program; Piloting of the SLT Curricula; Ensuring application of modern teaching methodology and Dissemination of the contemporary SLT issues. Content for SLT Preparation Programme Project participants will ensure development of SLT curricula ensuring provision of modern trends at all educational levels related to the SLT field. The international association (CPLOL) of the Speech and Language Therapists has developed the competency framework for the profession and has indicated specific areas of expertise applicable to this profession. The project is proposing to develop the content of the Curricula for SLT preparation in the countries who is up to introduce this profession in their countries. The content preparation is the joint activity of all participating countries and institutes. The process of curricula development consists of activities related to developing working groups, study visits and Training for Trainers (ToT), development of materials and activities for trainings, courses and program (thematic modules), and practical placements for professional advancement. Piloting of the SLT Curricula Piloting of the Curricula for SLT preparation will be held at various levels of higher education. Each thematic module will be considering the requirements of the corresponding level of education and the learning needs of the participating audience. The piloting will be followed with mainstreaming and institutionalization of the newly elaborated and piloted modules in the University study plan with actions like certification and accreditations on the corresponding levels matching with the country specific regulations. Also, MA program’s students exchange will contribute to further increase in professional skills. Application of modern teaching methodology To ensure application of modern teaching methodology is one of the key objectives which is an essential component besides the content preparation and piloting of the SLT modules. The QA methodology is divided in two directions – one focuses on the teaching and learning and the other focuses on the project management. QA measures provide means for the fulfilment of action goal and project objectives. Dissemination of the SLT contemporary issues Dissemination of the contemporary issues to the broader public is the core component for the improvement on the SLT service provision level. This will be strengthened in the other direction by introduction of Professional Ethics and Standards in accordance to international requirements and by creating the basis for the professional association. The Conference and open-lectures for specialists and parents, short videos, media activities is the means for creating a joint undressing on SLT in regional countries.

Ključne riječi

razvoj nastavnih programa SLT-a, primjena suvremene nastavne metodologije, poboljšanje SLT usluge

development of SLT curricula, application of modern teaching methodology, improvement on the SLT service

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