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Concurrent Product and Technology Development - Teaching, Research and Implementation of Joint Programs Oriented in Production and Industrial Engineering

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According to CEEPUS III Work Programme our developed and promoted university network CEEPUS HR 108 is designed to stimulate academic mobility, in particular regional student mobility i.e. joint programmes in the frame of CII HR 108 network leading up to double i.e joint degrees and joint thesis supervision and planned mobility actions will be set in that direction. We have finalized our curriculum and we are preparing and developing common teaching materials in the frame of curriculum. We unified the methodology of the modern industrial praxis, educational-technological knowledge and curricula. Successful connecting the educational-technological knowledge with the modern industrial praxis and the important topics in industry in the frame of our joint curricula. On the level of joint program strong industrial collaboration of the majority of project partners enabled high educational level. Specialization of each project participant and its implementation into new joint curriculum is promoted. Determining of the optimal structure of our curricula will enable set-up of Join Degree Diplomas, issued by partner universities in participating UE countries. Only with such kind of interdisciplinary educational knowledge and multilateral co-operation among universities the European engineers will be sufficient innovative and enough competitive to successfully implement the Lisabon declaration and the Bologna curriculum process, Education and Training 2020 strategy (ET2020) and Europe 2020 strategy. Through this network we have coordinate our network activities in line with three of five key priorities according to the Education and Training 2020 strategy (ET2020): improving the quality and relevance of teaching and learning, promoting mobility of students and staff and cross-border cooperation and strengthening the "knowledge triangle", linking education, research, and innovation. The curricula of the our joint program set up in the frame of the presented CEEPUS network qualify students to work with modern computer aided environments, link their particular technological knowledge into strong and powerful base for fast, reliable and competitive engineer work in the industrial environment.

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Product and Technology Development, Joint Programs Oriented, Industrial Engineering


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