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Metabolički i transkriptomski odgovor raštike na stres izazvan niskim temperaturama

Metabolomic and transcriptomic response of kale to low temperature stress

Climate change has far-reaching implications for global agricultural production and has already substantially impacted crop yield and quality worldwide because of the increased occurrences of extreme temperatures during the crop growth season. Thermal stress such as cold stress is a serious threat to the sustainability and it can lead to major crop losses and limit vegetables availability on the market. We hypothesize that we can begin to address a problem of low temperature stress by investigating how kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala), which is highly resistant to low temperature, reacts to low temperature stress. Plant metabolomics has been recently recognized as an important sector of post-genome science and exhaustive metabolic profiling can show how plants respond to environment. When metabolomic data are combined with transcriptomic, an extraordinary complexity of the plant biochemical capacity can be explained. In proposed project, combination of metabolomic and transcriptomic data will provide a holistic view of how kale responds to cold stress. This will address global agricultural issue concerning climate change, and enable further development of advanced strategies to enhance the tolerance of different crops to low temperature conditions.

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