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Morski plankton kao alat za procjenu klimatsdkog i antropogenog utjecaja na morski ekosustav

Marine plankton as a tool for assessment of climate and anthropogenic influence on the marine ecosystem

Opis projekta

Due to the long coastal line, marine orientation and economic importance of sea-based resources in the Croatia, understanding how recent global megatrends such as changing climate and growing anthropogenic influence affect the marine environment is currently the key issue. This project proposal is targeting changes in the marine plankton due to fast response to environment changes. The research activities are organized in two highly interconnected research modules: (Module 1) Anthropogenic influence on the marine environment and (Module 2) Investigations of climate changes on ecological processes and plankton communities. Module 1 related activities are to be studied by combining data on spatial distribution, intensity and consequences of human impacts with available time-series data on abundances and population structure of plankton communities in coastal waters, and by taxonomic research in transitional waters (Task 1.1.), by determining deposition and bioaccumulation of health-threatening organic compounds and heavy metal contaminants in the marine ecosystem (Task 1.2.) and by quantifying dispersion of particles through the use of Lagrangian models (Task 1.3.). Climate change impacts on marine plankton will be investigated by identifying climate-population connections using long-term oceanographic and plankton data series through the innovative synthesis techniques (Task 2.1) and by tracing the climate related changes through identification and chronology of biological time capsules such as dinoflagellate cysts (Task 2.2., Pilot project Lingulodinium polyedrum). The proposed project represents a novel approach to the study of climatologically and environmentally driven changes to the marine plankton populations. The results are expected to make contribution towards the long-term program of ecological monitoring that is needed to track the sea health, address the current climate issues, and maximize the potential to recommend permanent solutions.

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