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Sklerokronologija kao alat za otkirvanje dugoročnih okolišnih promjena na Jadranu

Sclerochronology as a tool for detecting long-term Adriatic environmental changes

Opis projekta

Climate change is a growing environmental, scientific as well as economic issue. However, although we are aware of certain changes our understanding of their origin and consequences is still very limited. Long-term data series are a key to this understanding and hard structures of marine organisms, including bivalve shells, present an important archive of environmental data potentially extending decades or even centuries into the past. Sclerochronology is an emerging interdisciplinary field that enables obtaining of marine environmental data from bivalve shell structural elements as well as their geochemical composition. These data are of great importance for understanding of the marine ecosystem-level process and responses to climate variability. Our motivation for the project is, by applying modern sclerochronological methods, to construct chronologies for three relatively long-lived bivalve species (longevity about half-century), living in the eastern Adriatic Sea. Target organisms include dog cockles Glycymeris glycymeris and G. bimaculata, and a smooth clam Callista chione. These chronologies will be analysed in parallel with long-term in situ and climate model oceanographic data, in order to quantify environmental effect on the bivalve growth. Further on, the oceanographic data will be used for portraying of ocean dynamics and processes that occur over interannual and decadal timescales in the Adriatic-Ionian basin and are important for growth of all marine organisms. The project will grow from two relatively independent topics, sclerochronology and ocean physical (environmental) sciences, merging them in an interdisciplinary manner in the later stage of the project execution. The project is highly interdisciplinary, while the project team is transnational.

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