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Razvoj evolucijskih postupaka za karakterizaciju ponašanja bioloških tkiva

Development of evolutionary procedures for characterization of biological materials behavior

Opis projekta

In engineering great attention is paid to enhancing the properties of conventional and development of innovative materials. Although the research is largely focused on metals, polymers, glass, ceramics, composites, etc.., increasing interest is devoted to biological systems and materials (shells, bone, spider silk, muscle or similar) due to their characteristics that are significantly above those of conventional materials. Behavior and modeling of biological materials is complex, but as the modeling of conventional materials, it is based on the knowledge and experimental determination of their characteristics. To describe the behavior of materials, beside material model, the basic prerequisite is the identification of material parameters. It was found that for the identification of parameters of biological materials necessary for the modeling of their behavior, it is advisable to apply the evolutionary methods, especially genetic algorithm. In the project, the behavior of the neck ligaments of human spine will be characterized and modelled based on data obtained by experiments. A hyperelastic material model that can be used for compressible and incompressible materials is selected for that puprose. In order to more efficiently produce the required values of material parameters, a technique for determining the parameters based on genetic algorithm will be developed. In order to optimize the procedure to obtain the parameters specified materials, complex genetic algorithm and its operators will be developed, applying the appropriate objective function optimization procedure. Because of it's flexibility and robustness, the proposed methodology for the materials characterization is expected to be applicable to the characterization of other non-conventional and innovative materials of complex behavior. To this end, relevant published experimental results will be collected and systematized in order to create the basis for the characterization of other innovative materials.

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